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The drawing is incredible, the detail and stars really show how much you spent on this. Though, there are a couple things that kinda bo...

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You Idiot! by VioletTheDragon111 You Idiot! :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 1 0 System Overheat Redraw by VioletTheDragon111 System Overheat Redraw :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 2 0 Lapidot Fusion by VioletTheDragon111 Lapidot Fusion :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 8 2 Lolbit by VioletTheDragon111 Lolbit :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 1 1 I Actually Did This by VioletTheDragon111 I Actually Did This :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 3 2 Teaser! by VioletTheDragon111 Teaser! :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 5 0 Mangle Doodles/Design by VioletTheDragon111 Mangle Doodles/Design :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 2 2 Demon Boris by VioletTheDragon111 Demon Boris :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 2 0 Bendy and Boris by VioletTheDragon111 Bendy and Boris :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 1 0 Voltron OC by VioletTheDragon111 Voltron OC :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 1 2
Fixing The Problem - Pidge x Reader
"Y/N, can you help me out here? Green keeps acting up!" Pidge shouted from Green's docking area, instantly catching your attention. You had joined the paladins after they stopped a Galra ship from attacking your town, and you felt you could be of some service. You helped Hunk in the kitchen, Allura when she's bored, and Pidge when it came to technology.
"Sure! What do you mean by 'acting up' though, like she keeps glitching?" You said while sitting next to her, peering at her laptop.
"That's the thing! It looks like she's keeping running into problems, but when I run an analysis, there isn't a single thing wrong!" The paladin said as she started to fume, her nose scrunching up in anger. You had to stifle a giggle because honestly, Pidge was even more adorable when she was angry.
"Well what do you need me for?" You asked while pushing a strand of your h/c hair away from your e/c eyes, not noticing the paladin's pink face. 
"I need you to check Green's wires in case any are cross-wi
:iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 2 1
Wicked by VioletTheDragon111 Wicked :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 2 1 Build Our Machine by VioletTheDragon111 Build Our Machine :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 2 0 Eshantai by VioletTheDragon111 Eshantai :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 2 1 River Spirit Contest Entry by VioletTheDragon111 River Spirit Contest Entry :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 5 0 Boris?!?! by VioletTheDragon111 Boris?!?! :iconvioletthedragon111:VioletTheDragon111 3 0


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You Idiot!
In this world, it's kill or be killed! I decided to try a new way to draw traditional art, and it looks like it works. I did a rough sketch of the drawing just doing basic shapes in Sharpie,  and then took another piece of paper and drew it more detailed. Hope you enjoy!
Lapidot Fusion
Sorry guys, I've been busy with the last week of school and exams, but now that ache to post more often. Plus I've been catching up with the latest episodes of SU, and was that a train ride of emotions! And all that has happened has made me think, will this possibly lead to Lapis and Peridot fusing to save Steven? So I decided to make my idea of the Lapidot fusion, welcome Larimar!

She is a very sassy gem, known to walk away from training to do her own thing. But her own thing is actually very helpful to the Crystal Gems, since with her knowledge of the water and technology she is able to make drones that can explore the ocean for any rogue gems or artifacts from the Gem War. She also creates drones that can go in the air and patrol for any Homeworld ships. Larimar also likes to play with Steven and Connie since she has Peridot and Lapis' playful and childish personality. She prefers to play with her drones and other gadgets when the Crystal Gems are busy other than train. And a quick thing, if you ever insult one of the gems, you better have some scuba gear cause you're gonna swim with the fishes.

I hope you all enjoy this, it took a while to do her hair and water wings. Have a great day everyone!
I was bored so I drew Lolbit. Now I'm debating whether I should put her in the ask or not. Tell me what you think and if I should put her in.

1. Her main design, and being her nickname
2. Staring down her cousin for being taller. Yeah I imagine Lolbit being a smol
3. Here she is shouting at people saying she isn't short, although the only person shorter than her is BB
4. This is her first encounter with Foxy's secret stash, and ever since she's been stealing drinks
5. Lolbit in my mind is the cousin of Foxy and Mangle, since she is in Sister Location and very similar to both of them
I Actually Did This
I feel so accomplished no joke, I did proper bodies and proportions. Praise the art gods! Which is better, A, B, C, or D?
Hello everyone! So, my friends know that I love to hear and make theories of all kinds of games or shows. And I've recently come up with a very interesting theory for Overwatch, and it involves it's newest character. Or should I say the newest character's creator. That's right, I'm talking about Efi Oladele the creator of Orisa! Now you're probably wondering what the theory is, well, I'm about to tell you; Efi created Orisa not only to protect Numbani, but to have a parental figure.

Now you're probably going, "Violet, what the hell are you talking about?! She made Orisa only to protect Numbani, not to have  a parent, why would you say-" Hold your horses for a sec! Let me explain why I say this. So in the game, we have never seen any of the characters parents (except for Ana, but she's a character too) but that is because they are all old enough to where they really don't need their parents (or in the Shimada brothers and veteran fighters cases, their parents are dead)

All except for Efi, who is eleven years old, still a legal child. We never see any older figures being with her, no mom, no dad, no... anyone. We also haven't seen any evidence that she does have parents, or any guardians. Since she is a child who can't survive on her own, the only answer is that she has no parents. Also, I noticed that in her and Orisa's origin story, she said, "So I rebuilt you, upgraded your programming, and gave you a heart." Now this probably passed a lot of people, but that struck me like a brick! Why would she need to give a robot a heart if it's just supposed to protect the city? So that it could learn to love. 

So here is my full theory: Efi was an orphan. She never knew who her parents were, or what they looked like. She always felt lonely at the orphanage, so she decided to start using robotics to fill that gape in her heart. She quickly excelled and became a prodigy in mechanics, and got her award. She bought one of the OR15 models and created Orisa, but not only to protect the city but as well as have a guardian for her.

You're probably wondering why she would make a centaur Omnic that can kill anyone as a mom, but honestly, kids see their parents as heroes all the time. That's also why she gave her a heart, so that Orisa could learn how to love, and they could both learn together just like a parent and child would.

So that is my theory of Orisa and Efi. I was a bit cautious to share it since people might hate me for it, but screw it! I hope you all enjoy this theory, and comment down if you agree with me!


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Hi, I'm Violet. I'm an artist and writer(stories on Wattpad, VioletTheDragon111) and I mostly draw whatever fandom I want to draw. I also draw wolves that go along with a story plot of mine.


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